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Elder Case Management

Elder Case Management provides assessment, monitoring, and protective services for seniors. Case managers oversee the development and implementation of client-specific care plans. They can help clients maintain independence through home and community services. These services are state-subsidized through the RI Division of Elderly Affairs’ Home and Community Care Programs.


Eligibility varies by program. In general, the Elder Case Management Unit helps residents of Kent County who are at least 60 years old or in assisted living.

Programs and Services


Case managers perform a general needs assessment to develop an effective plan of care.

Protective Services

Case managers provide supportive services for at-risk older residents referred through the Division of Elderly Affairs.


Eligible home-bound clients aged 65 and older pay a reduced rate for the services of a certified nursing assistant.

Waiver Program

Medicaid-eligible clients receive the services of a certified nursing assistant at home. The cost is based on income.

Assisted Living Case Management

Medicaid-eligible clients receive care in local assisted living facilities at an income-based cost.