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Good Neighbor Energy Fund Home and Utilities

The Good Neighbor Energy Fund (GNEF) helps individuals and families who, because of financial difficulty, needs assistance paying a current energy expense and meets eligibility guidelines. Some examples of a financial hardship include illness or recent job loss.

The program generally runs from mid-October thru August.

Read more at RI Good Neighbor Energy Fund.


  • Client must provide documentation showing financial hardship.
  • Client must provide copies of their photo ID, proof of income, proof of household members, and current heat related utility bill.
  • Clients cannot receive GNEF assistance for more than one of the following energy sources: electricity, natural gas, oil, propane, wood, or wood byproducts.
  • Any household that did not receive assistance last campaign year is eligible to receive assistance this campaign year, as long as they meet all financial eligibility guidelines.
  • Households that received GNEF assistance last campaign year must demonstrate an extenuating financial hardship to receive assistance this campaign year.
  • GNEF makes payments directly to the utility company

The Good Neighbor Energy Fund is administered by United Way of Rhode Island.

To receive a Good Neighbor Energy Fund grant, clients cannot be eligible for RIHEAP. A household may receive assistance once every 3 years.

What to Bring

  • Evidence of financial crisis
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of household members
  • Current utility bill